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FREE DEMO & LECTURE. Montfaucon Tours Introduction and Watercolor Demo with Ron Stocke Aug 7, 2015

Montfaucon Tours Introduction and
Watercolor Demo with Ron Stocke
Friday, August 7, 2015
4-6 pm - (one session only)


Watercolor Artist Magazine featured popular and internationally respected local artist Ron Stocke's painting of Seattle's Pergola on the June 2015 cover.

Ron Stocke is a Pacific Northwest watercolorist whose career has spanned over twenty years. He holds signature memberships from the American Watercolor Society, the Northwest Watercolor Society and he is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolor.

Ron’s award winning paintings and teaching style have made him one of today's top watercolor instructors. Working with strong composition, simple color harmony and achieving a good value range are fundamental in most of his work. His focus is to help students develop their own style while incorporating these fundamental elements and simplifying their process as well as their equipment.

FREE DEMO. Monoprinting with Akua Printing Inks with Darcie Thompson Aug 29, 2015

Monoprinting with Akua Printing Inks
Darcie Thompson
Saturday August 29, 2015
11:00 am - 12:30 pm (one session only)

Akua's Monotype Website

FREE LECTURE (Series). Turning your Art into Cards and Cash with Ray Pfortner Aug 24, 2015

Garden Tour Card
by Ray Pfortner

Turn Your Art into Cards & Cash with Ray Pfortner
Monday, August 24, 2015
12-1:30 pm (one session only)

Explore the huge potential of cards made from your art to make more out of your art – for self-promotion, for testing the making more of a business of art, and for a return on your investment of time and money.
Card featurning a Ray Pfortner Photograph

Ray’s FREE demo is a great preview to his 

Turning Your Art into Cards & Cash Workshop with Ray Pfortner
$[cost] for the 2-day workshop
Making greeting cards from you art is one of the best ways to enter the marketplace, with little risk, little expense and potentially great rewards. 
But how do you price your cards? Where can you sell them – and how? 
How do you fully realize their enormous PR value? 
Discuss how to manufacture cards for sale, from selecting art to materials, emphasizing how to maximize your profit. But focus on how to turn those cards into cash – through direct sales, selling partners/reps, and licensing your art to
commercial card companies.
After this workshop you will never look at a greeting card,
including your own, the same way again. 
For all visual artists working in all media, 2d and 3d,
from painting to pottery, photography to print making.
Bring 5 samples of your art suitable for a card – or already made into cards – to share for personalized coaching.

Space is limited for Ray’s workshop,
please call the Seattle Store to register at: 206-223-9599

FREE DEMO. Creating Stab Journals with Janice Berkebile Aug 22, 2015

Creating Stab Journals
Janice Berkebile
Saturday, August 22, 2015
11:00 am - 12:30 pm (one session only)

"Imagination becomes reality" expert Janice Berkebile comes back to Daniel Smith events with an exciting new journal for you to make. Are you fed up with the lack of selection in sketchbooks and journals—“Plain white cheap paper again?” Do you ever wish your sketchbook had several different types of paper; all in one book? Do you wish you could get a bound journal filled with your favorite specialty paper, and have it be your favorite size? Do you just want a whole journal filled with your favorite paper?

Join the next installment of our very own Janice Berkebile's year-long demonstration series: “A Personalized Journal For You!” Watch her demonstrate how to create journals and sketchbooks with numerous types of papers, various binding techniques and how to get the size and shape that perfectly fits you. If you like what you see in the demo and want to learn more, good news! Janice will follow each demonstration with a one day (six hour) workshop where each student will learn more in-depth with Janice.

Students can expect to leave each workshop with one or maybe even two finished journals, ready for drawings or paintings, writings or scribbles or even to be given away as a hand-made gift. In this first FREE Demonstration and follow-up workshop, Janice will present and teach pamphlet journals. Two styles will be introduced, a simple pamphlet journal using watercolor paper, and a double pamphlet journal.

Artist Bio:
The DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store’s very own Janice Berkebile is an accomplished jewelry artist and author. Published works include “Making Wire & Bead Jewelry, Artful Wirework Techniques” and many videos filmed by Interweave press. Previously she has taught at Bead shows and Bead stores across the country and now she teaches locally at Fusion Beads. Join Janice as she explores her new passion: Journal-Making!

WORKSHOP. Creating the Illusion of Fabric in Paint with Lin LaMer, Aug 9, 2015

Creating the Illusion of Fabric in Paint
with Lin LaMer
Sunday, August 9, 2015
$30 Workshop
12-3:00 pm

contact Lin to register

Fabric is important whether painting portraits, the clothed figure or still life. Fabric has been used throughout the history of painting to indicate social class, fashion and/or mood. Compare in your mind Sargent's full length portraits of society ladies dressed in elegant evening wear with the works documenting fishermen of the Adirondaks. You can immediately identify the fabrics in each work. There is no question the ladies wear silks, satins and other rare and expensive fabrics while the fishermen wear flannel and wool, often homespun and worn.

August 9th is class 4 in the series of 10: solid colored fabric. Newcomers are welcome as new fabric still life models are prepared each session. Contact Lin for information on what to bring and any preparation students should make in advance.
$30 per class or $270 all 10 classes
To Registration contact Lin La Mer at
Payable to Lin La Mer in check or cash

Class 5: Sunday August 23rd, Semi-transparent fabric part 1
Class 6: Sunday September 13th, Semi-transparent fabric part 2

WORKSHOP. Creating Portraits in Collage with Patricia Ann Wilson Aug 8, 2015

Creating Portraits in Collage with Patricia Ann Wilson
Saturday, August 8, 2015
10:00 am -- 4:00 pm
Contact Patricia to register

“Creating Portraits in Collage" is taught by internationally exhibiting  artist Patricia Ann Wilson. Patricia Ann  has two undergraduate degrees in art along with a minor in African Dance and Art Education. Patricia Ann had the great pleasure of working with Jacob Lawrence on his lithographs at Stone Press Editions. Patricia Ann exhibits her collages and watercolors, abstractions of nature and work about her home and life in Jamaica, West Indies.
“Collage,” is a French word meaning to glue. In “Creating Portraits in Collage,” the artists will be creating paintings by gluing pieces of paper which have been found, collected or purchased. The artist will have collected papers and written material related to their life  experiences.
The artists will be constructing the portrait's realism from an abstraction of materials emphasizes composition, value, and color mixing with papers. The artists will work from a life experience, drawings, photos or other portrait references.   The process of collage will be done in layers like the layers of a person’s life.
There will also be a discussion on the relationship of collage to drawing and painting. Collage artists; Motherwell, Picasso, Oppenheim, Cornell and Close will also be explored.  After discussing other artists approach to collage then some of the projects will be; still life, landscape, portraits, collage assemblages and more.
Patricia Ann Wilson will be exhibiting her Collages
at the DANIEL SMITH Gallery in the Seattle Store
from [date] to [date]. 
 The Show will open on [date] from [time] to [time].

FREE PLAYDAY & SOCIAL. Hands-on Watercolor with Jodi Steele Aug 2, 2015

Hands-on Watercolor & Social with Jodi Steele
Sunday, August 2nd, 2015
11am to 12:30 (one session only)


Join Jodi for hands-on experimentation with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors. 

If you've been curious to try out some of our fascinating watercolors, come on in and Wet a Brush!

BOOK SIGNING. Modern Flower Painter with Anna Mason, Sept 28, 2015

Modern Flower Painter Book Signing and meet-n-greet

Anna Mason
Monday, September 28, 2015
1-3 pm
Free Book Signing
I believe in being as generous as I possibly can with my method – and my book is no exception. You’ll find EVERYTHING you need to paint flowers in my fresh style.

WORKSHOP: Fruit Good Enough to Eat! with Anna Mason. Sept 29, 2015

Fruit Good Enough to Eat Workshop
Anna Mason
Tuesday, September 29, 2015
10 am - 4 pm with 30 minute lunch break

Develop your watercolour techniques to capture the vibrancy and luminosity of a juicy apple and create a painting good enough to eat! Learn how to observe light, shade and colour in your subject and layer up watercolour to achieve depth and solidity of form. Suitable for complete beginners or the more experienced watercolorist

    Materials List
  • Full Kit (pending)
  • Options Kit 1 (pending)
  • Options Kit 2 (pending)

Anna Mason WOW! Website and Gallery

FREE LECTURE. A Brief History of Dutch Still-Life Painting with Laurin McCracken. Aug 14, 2015

A Brief History of Dutch Still-Life Painting: lecture and meet-n-greet.

Laurin McCracken
Friday, August 14, 2015
4-6 pm
Free Lecture

Laurin McCracken Website and Gallery