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WORKSHOP: 6-Week Sketching for Beginners with Sue Heston! May 5, 12, 19, 26, June 2 and 9th 2015

Sketching for Beginners
6-Week Workshop
with Sue Heston!
Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm
May 5th, May 12th, May 19th, May 26th, June 2nd and June 9th.
$150 for 6 weeks!

Sketching is the most basic artistic activity - just a pen and a sketchbook. But getting started can still be daunting. Whether you want to take your sketchbook on a trip around the world, a local hike, or just spend an afternoon in a coffee shop, this class is aimed at helping you learn how to quickly put down the essential elements of a scene.

You will try out various techniques with pen, pencil and simple washes. You will get advice on putting together your own sketching kit, and practice exercises to help you see like a sketcher.  

From Sue:
I am a dedicated sketcher and I participate with the Seattle Urban Sketchers group.  Sketching and travel are inseparable activities for me.  I don't even go to the grocery store anymore without my sketchbook!  In recent years my sketchbooks have been to Australia, Turkey, Ireland and New York, as well as many local hikes and camping trips.  I make occasional forays into block printing, screen printing, paper cutting and collage.  I have a BFA from the State University of New York and a BA in Art History.  My sketches can be seen at

FREE Demo: Acrylic Large Lush Landscapes with Dianna Shyne! Saturday, April 25th 2015

Large Lush Landscapes in Acrylics
Dianna Shyne
Saturday, April 25, 2015
11-12:30 (one session only)
Free Demonstration

Using her training in Russian Impressionism, Dianna will demonstrate her technique for creating landscapes in acrylics. Achieving lost edges, lush textures and exciting color harmonies are possible in acrylic paint. 

Pursuing her passion for art, Dianna Shyne has over spent thirty years working in acrylic, oil and watercolor. She studied for over 15 years with renowned Russian Impressionist teachers including Ron Lukas, William Reese and Del Gish.

 Richly textured surfaces, compelling compositions, and dynamic color interplay form the basis of Dianna’s unique style.  Recent painting trips to the Yunnan Province of China, Prince Edward Island, Maine and Tuscany have provided rich painting material for her work for many years to come.

Social Media & Marketing for Artists with Deborah Burns, FREE Lecture April 11th, 2015

Social Media & Marketing for Artists
with Deborah Burns
Saturday, April 11th, 2015
12 noon to 1:30 (one session only)
How you can increase your art sales, increase enrollment in your workshops, and connect with people who would love to collect your work!
Never has the small business owner (you the Artist!) had such a wonderful tool - the Internet and Social Media!  You have the power at your fingertips on your keyboard to connect with people all over the country and even the world, who are interested in your Art.
Find out how you can use the power of the Internet to help you be a flourishing Artist by using tools like Facebook (not the way you are probably using FB) website, blog, and YouTube.  There are ways for you to use two or all four to expand your Art to a larger audience and increase your sales. 
I hope you see you at my lecture!   
I am also available for private social media & marketing coaching appointments, find out more at my FREE lecture.


FREE Sumi Demo: Wisteria Dancing in the Year of the Ram with Yuming Zhu Saturday, April 4th, 2015

FREE Demo: Wisteria Dancing in the Year of the Ram
Sumi with Yuming Zhu
Saturday, April 4th, 2015
11:00am - 12:30pm One session only!

Yuming Zhu will demo his interpretation of sumi brush strokes of traditional character of Ram/Sheep. In this demo, Yuming will also introducing wisteria in Sumi style by using two different types of rice paper which could help workshop participants to prepare and for general audience as well.  Knowledge of Sumi materials will be shared in the demo. Yuming’s Demo is a great way to preview his Workshop!

Workshop: Wisteria Dancing and NW Landscape in the Year of Ram 

Sunday, April 19th, 2015 10:00 am- 4:00 pm. April 19, 2015

In this workshop, participant will learn to write the character of Ram/Sheep in different style with powerful Sumi stroke. Also participants will learn how to paint wisteria in Sumi style by using two different types of rice paper in the morning and landscape in the afternoon.  Brush stroke and composition will be emphasized in the workshop. Comparative knowledge between Oriental Sumi art and Western/European art will be discussed.  Knowledge of Sumi materials, use and tradition of chop use will be shared in the demo.

Participants are encouraged to bring a photo of landscape they can work on.

FREE Demo & Book Signing: Jean Haines World of Watercolour, Friday, April 24th, 2015

Jean Haines World of Watercolour
Book Signing and FREE Demonstration!
Friday, April 24th, 2015
FREE Demonstration!
Free demonstration and book signing on the April 24th . This demonstration is an exciting insight into Jean's way of working. The demonstration will be a glimpse into a day in the life of the artist starting with simple watercolour exercises that lead Jean into creating unique watercolours. A fabulous opportunity to meet International Watercolourist , Jean Haines.  Not to be missed!

Seattle Workshops 2015
Following the launch of Jeans' international best selling book "Atmospheric Watercolours" and  ahead of the 2015  launch of  Jeans' new book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour " this is the perfect opportunity to stretch yourself with what is described as the most fascinating of mediums.  Haines is a highly in demand artist worldwide, whose enthusiasm and passion for watercolours is outstanding. Haines is renowned for her extremely motivational teaching methods.  

Jean will be holding two, two day workshops covering her techniques in watercolour.

Workshop 1 April 22-23, 2015  $200 per 2-day workshop. 10.00 - 4.00 p.m SOLD OUT!
Workshop 2 April 25-26, 2015.  $200 per 2-day workshop. 10.00- 4.00 p.m SOLD OUT!

Artists will be invited to arrive by 9:30 am and a material list will be provided. Sessions are open until 5:00 p.m.

Each exciting workshop will be looking at how to work in a loose style minus the use of a preliminary sketch, painting a variety of subjects in ways that seem to magically bring them to life. From the first decision of choosing what to paint, to selecting a wide range of techniques along with dramatic colour combinations for adding impact to gain unique results. This workshop will aim at bringing the best out of you as an artist and have you leaving feeling inspired.

Places are strictly limited and demand will be high so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Jean Haines World Of Watercolour Book Signing and Demonstration
Free demonstration and book signing on the April 24th . This demonstration is an exciting insight into this popular artists way of working. The demonstration will be a glimpse into a day in the life of the artist starting with  simple watercolour exercises that lead Jean into creating unique watercolours. Not to be missed.

 Jean Haines International Workshops include fully sold out courses in Europe, USA, and Australia.

For examples of Jeans work please visit
News Update: Jeans  exciting and  eagerly awaited new book  " Jean Haines World of Watercolour " will be launched in 2015 !

FREE Demo: Hands On PrimaTek & Social with Jodi Steele, March 28th 2015

Hands On PrimaTek & Social
with Jodi Steele
Saturday, March 28th, 2015
11am to 12:30pm - FREE!

Join Jodi for hands-on experimentation with DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Watercolors. 

There’s something deeply appealing about working with pigments that come from the earth, not from a lab. Made with pigments found in remote locations around the world, our exclusive PrimaTek colors have fascinating histories— and a rich, natural look that brings balance and beauty to your palette.

If you've been curious to try out some of our fascinating PrimaTek colors, come on in and Wet a Brush!

FREE Demo: How to Cut Mats using Logan Mat Cutters with Dave Thompson, March 28th, 2015

How to Cut Mats using Logan Mat Cutters with Dave Thompson
Saturday, March 28th, 2015
11am to 12:30pm - FREE!
1:30pm to 3:00pm - FREE!

Would you like to save money by learning how to cut mats yourself?

Learn the basics of mat cutting, and how easy it is to cut your own mats  with Logan Mat Cutters at our FREE demo with Dave Thompson.

Dave is an expert with the entire line of Logan Mat Cutters and he 
will demonstrate how to use the Logan Cutters, and explain the features of the various Logan Mat Cutter models we carry at DANIEL SMITH.  Dave will be available to answer your questions on how to use the Logan Mat Cutters and how the different features could best benefit your framing projects. 

If you have been thinking about doing your own framing 
and mat cutting, then this is a great demo to come and find out about what would be the best mat cutter for you!

FREE Demo: Dura-Lar Plastic and Watercolor with Ann Breckon! Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Dura-Lar Plastic and Watercolor with Ann Breckon!
Saturday, April 11th, 2015
One session only!
Free Demonstration!

This demonstration will show multiple and interesting uses for two varieties of plastic sheets sold by Daniel Smith, called Dura-Lar.  The clear, sized sheets are terrific as a teaching aid, for composition and trying out ideas on your paintings before committing.  The sizing allows for a  smooth application of watercolor and paint washes off easily for repeated use.
The frosted Dur-Lar cuts easily to make templates for lifting.  See how to make stencils that allow you to quickly and easily lift dozens of little daisies, clouds, moons, grasses and more.  

These affordable and fun plastic sheets will be a great addition to your watercolor tricks.

FREE Demo: Wipe-Out Method in Oils with Holly White-Gehrt, Saturday, March 21st, 2015

Wipe-Out Method in Oils with Holly White-Gehrt
Saturday, March 21st, 2015
Special 90 minute single session!

Wipe out method

It has been said of this stage that “your painting will never look this good again.” The “wipe-out” is a method used to establish value range (dark to light) as a first layer in a painting. It’s a fun technique yielding immediate satisfaction!

Holly will show you how to transfer a drawing (cartoon) to canvas, how to begin the wipeout, and how to extend the drying time. Holly will use oil paint, but this technique can be used in slow-drying acrylic, or even in charcoal or graphite.

Holly is an instructor of Georgetown Atelier’s Part-Time program and teaches summer classes at Gage Academy.

Holly is a graduate of Georgetown Atelier. She also holds a BFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and began her art studies at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Paros, Greece. Holly firmly believes that anyone can acquire classical drawing and painting skills, given the desire and tenacity required to develop them.

Workshop & FREE Demo: Atmospheric Landscapes with Frank Eber, August 21st, 2015

Atmospheric Landscapes in Watercolor - FREE DEMO
Friday, August 21st, 2015
4pm - 6pm

2-Day Workshop
Saturday and Sunday
August 22nd - 23rd, 2015 
9am-4pm each day
2-Day Workshop: $200
Workshop requires preregistration.
Please call the Seattle Store at 206-223-9599 to register.
Bring your painting skill to a higher level!

Learn how to paint luminous watercolors by manipulating tonal values, color and edge. In this class, Frank Eber will share advanced painting techniques to create atmosphere, balance and unity in your work. Topics will include design and composition, color and lighting, positives and negatives, simplification of shape, and atmospheric effects. The techniques you will learn in Frank’s workshop transcend the watercolor medium, as they are applicable to oils, acrylics, tempera, pastels, etc. Separate yourself from the watercolor crowd and experience for yourself why his courses are so popular! 

Small class settings only. Please sign up early!

A painter's painter, Frank Eber paints in a direct, loose style influenced by the old-world masters. Typical in his art are color mixes and lighting that, it has been said, evoke nostalgia while remaining absolutely in the present. He stresses a solid foundation in the basics, “…so that our focus is on creating timeless art. An emotional link is necessary in our work, as well as the connection to the vibrancy of everything we paint.”
Frank grew up in Europe and was mentored by Italian master painter Renato Casaro in 1994 and 95. In the ’80s and ’90s Frank worked as a professional illustrator for video cover sleeves and as a portrait artist by commission. Primarily a plein air painter, his love of travel has given him prime opportunities to paint: he lived for three years in the south of France, and has painted on location in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany and other countries.
Frank is an award-winning watercolor artist and Signature member of the American Watercolor Society (AWS), the National Watercolor Society (NWS), the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) and Watercolor West (WW). He is a juried Artist member of the prestigious California Art Club. Frank conducts workshops and demonstrations locally and at the national and international level.