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3-DAY WORKSHOP: Oil Painting Skies and Clouds with LIN LA MER. Dec 28-30, 2016. 10am-4pm


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 28-30, 2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

Clouds are three dimensional objects. They have shadows, highlights and volume just like buildings and mountains even though they aren't dense solid blocks. The viewer understands and enjoys our clouds when we create them using the same characteristics of light, atmospheric perspective and linear perspective that we use to create mountains and buildings. These basic tools of drawing and representing the volume of objects is what we will explore to create gorgeous and expressive skies and clouds.

Skies and clouds can make or break your painting. They can be a whole painting. Understanding how light and distance affects the sky and clouds will enhance every landscape you paint. You'll execute plein air paintings more quickly if you don’t have to study every element of the scene. Your studio landscapes will maintain a fresh look when you don't rework the sky or clouds. Once is done--the goal and byword of this workshop.

Which colors you need will depend on your choice from the photos I will provide. Here are some supplies everyone will need.
Must haves for Day One:
* Titanium White
* Ultramarine Blue
* Sevres Blue or Manganese Blue
* Galkyd Painting Medium
* Soft Brushes
---* filberts and/or flats in several sizes
---* soft fan brush
* large old worn out brush
* stretched and prepared canvas no smaller than 16" x 20"
---* you may want to choose a canvas AFTER you choose your photo
* notebooks and/or sketchbooks
Bring What You Have
* yellows
* reds
* oranges
* paynes gray

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