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FREE DEMO and 2-DAY WORKSHOP: Loose & Atmospheric Watercolors with FRANK EBER. Nov 11, 12-13, 2016


Friday, November 11, 2016
4:00 - 6:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday,
November 12-13, 2016

9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599
    Workshop Supply List
  • I use Artist colors as follows (all pigments by Daniel Smith): Cobalt blue, French Ultramarine, Ultramarine violet, Cobalt violet, Magenta, Quinacridone Rose, carmine, burnt siena, neutral tint, Indigo, German green umber, Verona Gold Ochre, Monte Amiata, cadmium red medium, cad yellow, cad yellow light, cad orange, cobalt turquoise, cob turquoise light, horizon blue, Zinc white and Titanium white
  • Please note that you don't have to get the exact same colors, as long as you have a good range of blues, yellows, reds and a few earth tones, you are fine! Remember, there are only three colors in nature! If you already have watercolor paints by all means use them.
  • Paper: Arches blocks (12x16 or 14x20), 140 lbs or 300gsm, cold press or rough, please get artist grade paper, not student grade! If you get single sheets, please use ¼ (28by38cm, 11by15”) or ½ (38by57cm, 15by22”) and make sure you have enough for roughly two paintings per day. Also a few scrap pieces of paper would be good to have!
  • Brushes: I use predominantly DaVinci mops (Casaneo 498) in three sizes (#2, 4 and 6). Squirrel Mops Petit Gris Pur Series 418 (#2 and 5) and synthetic rounds for details: Nova Series 1570 (#6 and 8) Maybe a rigger or a line brush for trees and line, mine is a DaVinci 5519 (#8). I also use cheap Chinese calligraphy brushes in a few different sizes.
  • Painting palette with nice, deep mixing wells. I use a Holbein metal palette with porcelain coating Other stuff: easel with adjustable angle, painting surface (to tape the paper to) spray bottle (atomizer, mister), water container, tape (not blue tape!!!), paper towels rags, pencils for drawing (2B-4B), sketch book and note book.

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