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2-DAY WORKSHOP: The Depictive and the Evocative with ANITA LEHMANN. Oct 1-2, 2016. 10-4.

An Introduction (Mixed Media)

with Anita Lehmann

Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2, 2016.
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
See supply list at bottom of this post
Register at 223-9599

Saturday, September 17, 2016
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Architect/Artist Anita Lehmann is a sought-for-teacher around the world.

This workshop is about drawing, sketching, and painting places and objects; we will begin by observing to learn through drawing. There is a fine granularity and layering to a place or a thing, and drawing the elements requires rigor and attention to detail: awareness. This reigor, focus, and awareness will enhance your skills in the evocative understanding of mark making.

Sketches, paintings, drawings, collages will be collected; and after initial studies are completed, we will continue to create 'evocative' works, furthering concept of 'place and objects'. Tools to be used include paint, pastel, charcoal and graphite.

    Expressive Drawing: 2016 Anita H. Lehmann
  • 24 x 36 or larger Gator Board, smooth, non-buckling board, portable drawing easel, not mandatory If you have one, please bring it. Daniel Smith has 6 – 8 to use
  • 18 x 24 & or 24 x 36 rough newsprint pad or other drawing paper you like to use.
  • Sturdy/heavy clips
  • 4 sheets Rives BFK paper (white) 22 x 30
  • 1 roll of masking or artist tape: ¾” or 1”
  • Soft Conte Crayons, white/black
  • General’s jumbo compressed charcoal (2 packages) 2b & 4b
  • White Mars Eraser
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Small Bottle of White Gesso &/or clear gesso
  • Lyra water soluble graphite crayon
  • 2 Stabilo pencils, black
  • Assorted (crazy and unruly, too) brushes to work with water based media
  • Small bottle of Sumi Ink
  • A few extra jars for sumi and gesso dispensing.
  • Soft paper towels
  • Baby Wipes
  • Mark-making tools, moving ink; ie bamboo pen, putty knife etc.
  • Lightweight bowls for water etc. 2 minimum
  • 1 tube water miscible black ink like Winsor-Newton (water base oil)
  • Soft rubber brayer(s) such as Speedball printmaking brand, (not foam or plastic)
  • Notebooks and landscape images for ideas
  • Favorite master artist examples
  • Various mark making tools like combs and faux painting tools
  • Apron; it’s going to be messy!
  • * ‘IPOD’ with your favorite music: optional; music that makes you move and paint.
  • * ANY other paper or supplies you would like to utilize.

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