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Amazing Acrylics: Grounds & Pastes Workshop with Barbara De Pirro, April 21st, 2013

 Amazing Acrylics: Grounds & Pastes Workshop
Barbara De Pirro
Sunday, April 21st, 2013
11am to 5pm
Cost: $130 for the 1-Day Workshop (includes many supplies, see supplies list below)
Space is limited, please register early and call: 206-223-9599

  • In this workshop you will gain a working knowledge of one of the most versatile and durable painting options for artists today, Acrylic! Understanding each of the unique characteristics of the various products is the key that unlocks & blasts open the door of possibilities.
  • In this workshop, each artist will create multiple sample boards, utilizing each of the different products in various ways, a perfect reference for future projects.
  • Learn about the benefits of using grounds and pastes to create unique surfaces for painting, drawing and mixed media.
  • Experiment with various paint viscosities from watercolor-like washes, to acrylic ink-like stains, subtle transparent glazes, to thick, luscious impasto applications.
  • Discover which products dry to a porous surface versus and which create non-porous surface. Each when painted offer a very different effect.
  • Experiment with texture, from subtle to extreme, smooth to granulated, each product offers its own unique twist.
  • Explore toothy surfaces for drawing with pastel, colored pencil, graphite, etc. Plus those surfaces that can be used for Permanent inks.
  • Discover tinting grounds with color, not only can you paint on top of the surface but you can a punch to ground itself.
All levels are welcome in this comprehensive workshop.
Supply List:
All products graciously provided by Golden Artist Colors.
Most other supplies & tools provided by instructor.
Artists should bring the following supplies:
- pre-cut white mat board or illustration board (24-36 pieces, range of sizes no smaller than 4”, no larger than 8”)
- Paint palette (you may even use recycled plastic cups, lids, Styrofoam trays, etc.)
- Paper towels
- box lids or trays for transporting wet samples
Optional: alternative substrates, or favorite tools

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