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Sumi Summer Sunflowers with Yuming Zhu, FREE Demo, August 21st, 2012

Yuming Zhu
Intorduction to Sumi demonstration

Sumi Summer Sunflowers with Yuming Zhu
Tuesday, August, 21, 2012
from 11 am to 12 pm - FREE demo!

Yuming Zhu will demo his interpretation of sumi brush strokes, traditional and contemporary technique to capture the essence of color and heat of our Sunflowers. In this demo, Yuming will also demo how to compose in traditional oriental composition. Knowledge of Sumi materials will be shared in the demo.
Yuming Zhu
painting a Chrysanthemum
Sumi  Supplies Yuming will be demonstrating at the demo:
  • “Half Moon Flow” flow brush.
  • “Northern Wolf”- super high quality brush.
  • “Rat Tail” Fine Line
  • "Happy Dot" - detailing brush 
  • "Jade Bamboo" -AKA Magic brush 
  • "Whit Magnolia" or White Egret" - soft sheep hair brush
  • Hake Brush 2” or 2.5” wide
  • Color/Ink/Ink Stone:
  • One dry ink stick “Shanghai Premium”
  • Paragon 5” inch round ink grinding stone with lid. Or 4”
  • Paragon Sumi 5-color Set.
  • A bottle of “Yi De” liquid Sumi ink
  •  “Green Line" paper roll or large sheet 
  •  "Best Shuan"
  • Sprinkle Gold All time favorite single shuan with tiny gold fleck on paper. Sheet
  •  Ivy” badge/white color wool felt (20” x 30”)
  • 2-Well Brush Washer
  • Rectangular porcelain palette with build-in brush rest.
  • Steel paper weight
  • Plastic expandable carrying tube
  • AIH-CLIP2 ink stick holder
  • "Interpretation of Four Gentlemen" -Instructional Sumi painting DVD by Yuming Zhu
Yuming Zhu painting Cherry Blossoms

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