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FREE HANDS-ON DEMO: Reductive Linocut Printmaking with JOAN WRIGHT. Feb 23, 2019. 11am-12:30pm


Saturday, February 23, 2019
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Reductive printmaking is a process of printing many layers to define the forms. It uses one block. The layers are made by cutting away a little more of the block for each new layer. This method is a bit thrilling because once you cut away part of the block, you're committed to your choices. You're forced to make the best of both planned and unplanned cuts and their effect on the final image.

Reductive methods really work best with some planning. Choose your image from photos or your own sketches and/or paintings. Get some tracing paper and decide where are the values (layers). Decide how many values to define.

Because this is a demo, Joan will show the end product (the print of several layers) and the final plate. She will also show the several drawing leading to the print and it's successions of cuts.
Then the real fun begins. We'll attack the images you bring with tracing paper. We'll reduce (little joke) the image to basic value shapes and test how those shapes would be cut to make a printing plate.

SUPPLIES FOR HANDS-ON FUN! * black and white image of your choice
*** to make a black and white image from a color image, desaturate it in your favorite photo-editing software
* pencils/pens of a few values or colors to separate out the value shapes
* tracing paper

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