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1-DAY WORKSHOP: Sumi--Early Fall Color of Leaves and Landscape with YUMING ZHU. Sept 29, 2018. 10:30am-4:30pm


Saturday, September 29, 2018
10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

This workshop will concentrate on the changing colors of vine plants, e.g. grape or wisteria. We will also learn to paint on Cicada paper a variety of landscapes, sunflowers, and other live flowers brought by you and your fellow participants to the workshop.

Yuming will demonstrate and then we will practice sumi technique for making both large paintings and calligraphy (at least on a Half of whole sheet). Traditional brush strokes and background wash techniques are commonly used to express the joyful yet sentimental feelings of early Autumn color. We will blend traditional Chines with Western color theory to make our Autumn paintings in Sumi style on Cicada non-absorbent paper. In addition, the workshop will discuss the philosophy and a brief history of Chinese and Asian art and including the use of chops.

This workshop welcomes beginning and professional artists. We will work a lot on individual basis. Painters new to Sumi-e, and those experienced in East Asian watercolor painting will be introduced and encouraged to look at the “World” with a different artistic perspective. There will be demos, exercises, and one-on-one attention.

For participants who have worked in the past with Yuming, you are encouraged to make one painting from your sketch book.

Yuming Zhu is a very passionate and well-known artist in the Great Seattle area. Sumi/Chinese Watercolor, Oil and Pastel are the mediums Yuming loves to express himself with. He participated in the “Five Thoughts on Asian Art” program that was offered through the Seattle Art Museum and KCTS Channel 9. Yuming was recognized as a Master Sumi artist and top 50 Emerging artists in US by Art Business News Magazine. He continues teaching sumi painting and calligraphy at community colleges, art centers at the Greater Seattle area and nation-wide. Yuming participated as an artist and painter for the Amazon Movie Series "The Man in the High Castle" which was nominated for several Emmy awards.

Yuming's art is frequently shown in galleries both local and nationwide. To view his work:

Recommended Minimum Brushes:
  * Best Combination
  * Wild Mountain Horse
  * Also recommended:
    * Jade Bamboo–Magic brush
    * Rat Tail
    * Northern Wolf
    * Soft Magnolia
    * Super Jin Ti
    * Leaf Vein Fine Brush
Recommended Minimum Paper:
  * Long Fiber roll or sheet
  * Also recommended:
    * Cicada Wing
    * Pi-Ma (mulberry)
    * Jin Pi roll or sheet
    * Rice Paper Sketch Book 11x7.5 or 12.5x8.5
    * Jin Pi Screen Book 8x5.5 or Green Line Screen Book
    * Best Shuan roll (recommended if you practice a lot)
Recommended Minimum Ink/ink stone/color:
  * 4” Rectangular Ink Stone
  * Jade Purple Ink Stick
  * Marie Water Color -12 ml 12 color Set
  * Also recommended:
    * 5” Round Ink Stone with lid or 4” Round Ink Stone
    * China Premium” (best quality ink stick.)
    * “Yi-De” Pro bottle ink (100 ml) or “Yi-De” Pro Bottle Ink (250 ml)
Recommended Minimum Accessories:
  * “Ivy” wool felt
  * Also recommended:
    * White three-well Brush Washer or 2-well Brush Washer
    * Fan shape white porcelain palette or Rectangular white professional porcelain palette with brush rest
  * Also suggested:
    * Crystal paper weight with Yuming’s art work in them (Pair)
    * Water Dripper White
    * “Loyal Qing Blue” 7 hump porcelain brush rest

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