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FREE HANDS-ON DEMO: Creating Thumb-Nail Sketches with JOAN WRIGHT. Sunday, Aug 5, 2018. 11am-12:30 pm


Sunday, August 5, 2018
11:00 am - 12:30

This is a part one of a two part demo series. August 5 will concentrate on creating thumbnail sketches to refine your composition and define the values of your painting or drawing. Thumbnails are the workbook for making art. They help us work the frustrations and kinks out of our images before we start so that painting and creating a final work is joyous and satisfying.

Please bring pencils, sketch or drawing paper or your sketchbooks. Also bring any photos or reference sketches you'd like to make into a painting. We will work with these images to refine your vision into the work you imagine as an end product.

August 12th we will follow-up and make paintings from our sketches. These are hour and a half demos--not full day workshops. But it's lots of fun to work ideas into something refined and worthy of our paints and time painting. Come prepared to work, ask questions, and enjoy making art.

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