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Feb 4, Week 4 of 4-WEEK CLASS: Oils-Seeing the Light with LIN LA MER. Jan 7,14,21 Feb 4, 2018. 10:30am-1:30pm

Oil Painting


4-WEEK CLASS: $150
Sundays, 10:30 am - 1:30 pm
January 7, 14, 21, 2018
and February 4, 2018

Register at 206-223-9599

Seeing the light is what the human eye does. If there is no light (total darkness), we are unable to "see" anything. In darkness, there is no light for our eyes to record, no impulse to send our brain, no image or picture in our awareness, nothing to interpret visually.

What do we do when we paint? The colors we choose aren't "what we do." We paint the light! We paint the directions the light comes from, we paint the warmth or coolness of the light (its color). We paint the intensity of the light: is it full strength or filtered?

Come "see the light" and paint with me. You will see color in a whole new light!

* OBJECTS from HOME: Please bring three objects from home you would like to paint. You'll bring the same objects to each class.
* OIL PAINTS: Please buy the best quality paints you can. I recommend professional grade oil colors.
  * Cadmium Yellow Medium or Hue
  * Permanent Orange
  * Napthol Red
  * Yellow Ochre
  * Burnt Sienna
  * Alizarin Crimson
  * Sap Green
  * Ultramarine Blue
  * Ivory Black
  * 150 ml tube Titanium White
  * Galkyd painting medium by Gamblin
  * Gamsol by Gamblin (the only solvent allowed in class)
  * Grey Matters disposable palette paper to fit in
  * Masterson palette box
  * Sketch pad
  * Pencil and sharpener or mechanical pencil
  * Eraser
  * Notebook for written notes
  * Rags or blue shop towels (like paper towels but stronger)

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