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WORKSHOP: Color Mixing and Matching Using Gouache with LESLIE STROM. Dec 30, 2017. 10am-3pm


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Saturday, December 30, 2017
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

In this 1-day workshop, the focus is on creating palettes of color from your environment using gouache primary colors. Match any color on earth from just yellow, red and blue! Join Leslie Strom for a one-day workshop and master a very basic skill: mixing and matching colors in paint with what you observe. We’ll cover Full Spectrum Color, how to see entire palettes in natural objects, and how to build unique custom color schemes for your home or your next art project.

In the first half of the workshop you will build two reference color wheels, and in the second half you will develop palettes from the natural world. Every natural object contains a beautifully coordinated endless combination of colors - bring a favorite object and a magnifier if you have one, and we’ll match an array of the colors hidden within the items. These beautifully coordinated swatches of color you’ve made can be taken to the hardware store and color-matched into cans of paint unlike anything on their shelves. All your favorite things have surprising color depth!

Leslie Strom captures colors of surroundings and oddities as a foundation for architectural color design. She is a provisional member of the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers – North America (IACC-NA).

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Introduction to Full Spectrum color mixing - Build your own reference color wheels from gouache primaries - you can mix any color from just those! It’s a basic skill that’s easy to learn and will serve you the rest of your life!

* Bring natural items whose colors you love!
  ** Brilliant Yellow
  ** Ultramarine
  ** Spectrum Red
  ** Turquoise
  ** Rose Tyrien
  ** Jet Black
  ** Permanent White (large tube)
  ** Bristol smooth 11x14 or 9x12 (do not bring the vellum finish)
  ** pad of Palette paper
  ** optional: bristol smooth white, wire bound sketchbook (small for field collection) - like Stillman & Birn zeta series
  ** 1/2" flat synthetic brush and any size small round brush
  ** Two water containers - lidded glass screw-top jars travel well
  ** A roll of tape - masking or blue
  ** Paper towels
  ** Toothpicks for transferring small amounts of paint
  ** Pencil
  ** I will provide color wheel templates on Bristol smooth paper as part of the course.
  ** While you're at it, you can make your own gouache travel palette for color collecting and for painting on location from a Masterson Sta-Wet sponge (any size since you'll be cutting it up) and a Universal leak-proof folding palette with removable clear plastic mixing tray (several companies make these--check for the gasket that makes them leak-proof). Cut the palette sponge sheet to fit the center of the palette, leaving the edge wells empty. Wet the sponge, then squeeze the gouache directly onto the sponge. Mix your colors in the lid of the palette.
  ** Another good smaller alternative for field collection is a 4x6 plastic photo snap box (found at Michael's or Office Depot) to carry your tube paint and a sawed-off paintbrush. Tape a folded piece of palette paper, waxy side inside, cut to fit the lid for mixing.

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