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FREE DEMO: Expressive Figures in Pen and Ink with ALICIA HARVEY. Sept 22, 2018. 2pm-3:30pm

in Pen and Ink


Saturday, September 22, 2018
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Among artists, Inktober is THE October event! Most of us participate, sketching and drawing Some submit their work to one of the many social media artist platforms.

Fabulous teacher (students love working with her) and artist Alicia Harvey has listened to colleagues and students express frustration about their figure drawing, about fear of creating figures in pen and ink. Doodles are one thing. Figures seem to be quite another category of drawing and sketching.

Alicia Harvey says, "figures are not overwhelming." Figures are a lot of fun to create using pen and ink. You just can't be fussy, you can't worry when you're using ink. Quick lines, splashes of ink, even scratchy mistakes capture gestures of moving bodies. By not thinking so hard, we create very unexpected marks that end up being delightful figure sketches.

Come relax! Let loose of your fears and inhibitions! See how easily you can pick up your ink tools to make figures move expressively through your sketchbooks. Alicia will offer her personal Instagram Inktober challenge as an example. She will explain how the experience of creating figures in pen and ink for Inktober helped her discover freedom of line and form, helped her relax and let the figures flow out of the pen.

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