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2-DAY WORKSHOP: Mastering Watercolours with JANE BLUNDELL. Oct 9-10, 2017. 10am-4pm



October 9-10, 2017

10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

Mastering watercolours - This two day workshop will take you from the ground up setting jp your ideal palette and working through colour mixing exercises, watercolours application exercises and some finished paintings to get you feeling comfortable with watercolour. Suitable for relative beginners but also for those who’ve explored a bit but need some guidance or advanced techniques to explore.

* Paper. 300gsm paper. Arches medium highly recommended. Suggestions include 1 pad of A4 size or even better A3 size, or buy a full sheet and cut it up. Other brands are also an option but only get artist quality or you won’t get good results.
* Watercolour sketchbook – ideally a watercolour paper notebook so you can keep a record of colour wheels, mixing charts and so on in one place OR get a 185GSM medium watercolour pad in A5 size and build a loose leaf system. Recommended watercolour notebooks are Stillman & Birn Alpha (I love their 9” x 6” landscape book) or Moleskine watercolour notebook in A5 landscape. Handbook also make a nice watercolour notebook. For some projects, the Arches larger sheets will give the best results. We won’t be out sketching every day.
* Watercolours – minimal 12 colours for the course. (Also see my ‘Ultimate Mixing Set’ on my website, which has all the colours in bold plus Jane’s Grey in Daniel Smith watercolours.) Please use Artist Quality in which ever brand you can find. I recommend and use Daniel Smith but other brands are fine if that is what you have.
*** Cool or mid yellow preferably transparent, preferably not cadmium yellow (eg DS Hansa Yellow Medium or DS Hansa Yellow Light
*** Warm yellow preferably transparent, preferably not a Cadmium yellow (eg DS Hansa Yellow Deep, DS New Gamboge, Indian yellow, DS Quinacridone Gold)
*** Warm red preferably transparent, not a cadmium red (eg DS Pyrrol Scarlet)
*** Crimson red (NOT Alizarin crimson) DS Permanent Alizarin crimson is fine (or DS Pyrrol Crimson, or Anthraquinoid Red)
*** Quinacridone Rose
*** Ultramarine PB29 or French Ultramarine
*** DS Phthalo Blue Green Shade PB15
*** DS Cerulean chromium
*** Yellow ochre PY43 and/ or raw sienna PBr7 and/or Goethite
*** DS Burnt Sienna
*** DS Indian Red
*** DS Phthalo green Blue Shade
*** Optional but recommended Raw Umber
*** Optional but nice to have Buff titanium
*** Optional make Jane’s Grey in class.
*** (More information on warm and cool colours and different brand options can be found on my website)
* Brushes You can use whatever you have but a suggestion is
*** two round brushes of approx. size 4 and 8, though sizes vary considerably between brands. Travel brushes are also an option – about a size 4 and 8 would work ok.
*** ¼”/6mm flat brush, synthetic is fine.
*** Larger flat wash brush of up to 1” or mop brush squirrel or synthetic mottler
*** Fine sable or imitation sable approx size 2 for fine detail – optional.
* Pencils B or 2B and pen for writing and drawing – waterproof black felt tip useful.
* Ruler
* Paper towel.
* Two water containers – 2KG yogurt or 2L icecream containers excellent
* Optional – Spray water bottle
* Optional – masking tape. You may choose to use masking tape to protect the edges of your paintings. I don’t, but some like to.

Urban Sketcher, Illustrator, Botanical Illustrator, figurative and abstract artist Jane Blundell brings her wonder, mastery and love of watercolor to DANIEL SMITH in 2017. Jane's generous and cheerful manner invites everyone to learn her methods and techniques. Jane's passion for the beauty of nature fills every painting and work. Please don't miss this opportunity to better your artist skills and fill your October with the warmth of Jane's influence.

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