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SUMMER DRAWING CLASS #8 of 12: Sketching on Toned Paper with SUE HESTON. July 29, 2017 2pm-5pm



CLASS: $35
Saturday, July 29, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

Sketching and drawing on toned paper encompasses a wide variety of media and papers from delicate graphite renderings on pale tinted paper to bold primary colored drawings on velvety black. The classic style uses just white and black pencils or chalk on medium toned tan or gray paper. If you are new to this technique, I suggest starting with the classics. But almost any type of pens, pencils, crayons and chalk can be used effectively.

Although I am leaving the choice of drawing materials open, I do suggest that you select one type of material to work with in class. Don't bring the whole studio! Also, save the paints and liquid ink for another class. This class will focus on dry media.

Materials List – the Basics (everyone please bring these)
* An object (no bigger than a shoe box) or photo to draw from. I will have reference materials also, but it is nice to have something you know you will enjoy drawing.
* 3 or 4 sheets of colored/toned paper, about 9x12. See specific recommendations below.
* White Prismacolor pencil or Conte crayon or pencil
* Black Prismacolor pencil or Conte crayon or pencil
* Graphite pencil and soft eraser

Materials List – expanded optional materials * White gouache and a brush (the only paint allowed for this class)
* White gel/roller pens
* Waterproof pens or markers, various widths
* Sepia or Brown pencils/chalks instead of Black
* For colored drawing materials, choose a soft, opaque brand and a selection of light, dark and bright colors appropriate for the subjects you like to draw.
* Color Pencils
* Pastel Pencils or Hard Pastels (no soft pastels, please)
* Artist Crayons or sticks like Prismacolor or Conte or Caran d'Ache Neocolor
* Paint Markers
* Colored Markers like Faber Castell, Tombow or Copic. A good way to try markers is with a gray-scale set and a white pen or gouache. The paper should not be too dark.

Paper Suggestions
* Canson Mi-Teintes – one sheet can be cut into quarters for the class. Medium gray, blue or tan are good choices for beginners. But any color can be used. Has a smooth and a textured side.
* Strathmore tan or gray drawing paper – only available in sketchbooks. Smooth surface is good for pens and colored pencil. I suggest a spiral bound one because the hardcover binding does not open flat.
* Kona sketchbooks – similar to Strathmore with a little rougher surface.
* Stonehenge – available in sheets or pads. Very nice paper for all media including inks and gouache.
* Various pastel papers – sold in sheets which can be torn into quarters for the class. These will be best with pencils, hard pastels or other dry media.

2017 Summer Drawing Class Schedule: $35 each
#1: Sketching in Perspective Part 1 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. July 1, 2017 2pm-5pm
#2: Gesture with MARY SHEA. July 8, 2017 2pm-5pm
#3: Drawing & Shading with Pen & Ink with JULIA CARPENTER. July 9, 2017 2pm-5pm
#4: Sketching in Perspective Part 2 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. July 15, 2017 2pm-5pm
#5: Drawing Heads and Hands with JULIA CARPENTER. July 16, 2017 2pm-5pm
#6: Illuminated Letters with JANICE BERKEBILE. July 22, 2017 10am-1pm
#7: Value Sketching with Markers with SUE HESTON. July 22, 2017 2pm-5pm
#8: Sketching on Toned Paper with SUE HESTON. July 29, 2017 2pm-5pm
#9: Drawing On the Details with JANICE BERKEBILE. August 5, 2017 2pm-5pm
#10: Drawing Real World Part 1 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. August 6, 2017 2pm-5pm
#11: Working from General to Specific with Drawing with MARY SHEA. August 12, 2017 2pm-5pm
#12: Drawing Real World Part 2 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. August 13, 2017 2pm-5pm

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