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SUMMER DRAWING CLASS #2 of 12: Gesture with MARY SHEA. Jul 8, 2017. 2pm-5pm.



CLASS: $35
Saturday, July 8, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

Gesture drawing is a way of working that is focused on capturing the essential character of the subject. Practicing gesture drawing helps us learn to see beyond the surface of objects, and to consider not just what a thing is, but what it is doing.

In this three hours session both line and mass gesture drawing will be demonstrated and practiced. Students will study other artists’ use of gesture drawing, and learn to see the gesture underlying finished drawings and paintings. We’ll do some extremely quick drawings from still life and from memory, and also have time for sustained drawings based on gesture.

* Newsprint pad (50 sheets): 12”x18” or 18”x24”
* Drawing board (suitable for size of newsprint you bring)
* 1 roll of masking tape
* Graphite stick: (round or flat, but the larger the better) 2B or 4B
* Eraser: one or two hard erasers, Staedtler Mars or similar- not the kneadable erasers
* Charcoal: soft vine charcoal, not compressed charcoal, a couple of medium or large sticks – this is sold in small boxes by Winsor Newton, Grumbacher, etc. There are also bags of Bob’s Fine Vine Charcoal – not that you need to buy a whole bag, but the large sticks are great, and the small sticks are the smallest you should bring, don’t get the thin little sticks that are so readily available.
* Some regular white drawing paper (bring a drawing pad if you have one –should be at least 11” x 14” but 8’ x 10” will do in a pinch)
* Ink (a small bottle of either sumi ink or western drawing ink)
* A brush : the bamboo brushes in $4.00 - $6.00 range suit admirably; get a larger rather than smaller size.
* OPTIONAL: Portable easel . DS has some easels, but bring a portable easel if you have one; I’ll bring a couple as well. For doing gesture work, it is great to be able to move around more than you are able to while seated. So it would be nice to have that option for at least part of the class!
* Latex (or non-latex) gloves

2017 Summer Drawing Class Schedule: $35 each
#1: Sketching in Perspective Part 1 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. July 1, 2017 2pm-5pm
#2: Gesture with MARY SHEA. July 8, 2017 2pm-5pm
#3: Drawing & Shading with Pen & Ink with JULIA CARPENTER. July 9, 2017 2pm-5pm
#4: Sketching in Perspective Part 2 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. July 15, 2017 2pm-5pm
#5: Drawing Heads and Hands with JULIA CARPENTER. July 16, 2017 2pm-5pm
#6: Illuminated Letters with JANICE BERKEBILE. July 22, 2017 10am-1pm
#7: Value Sketching with Markers with SUE HESTON. July 22, 2017 2pm-5pm
#8: Sketching on Toned Paper with SUE HESTON. July 29, 2017 2pm-5pm
#9: Drawing On the Details with JANICE BERKEBILE. August 5, 2017 2pm-5pm
#10: Drawing Real World Part 1 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. August 6, 2017 2pm-5pm
#11: Working from General to Specific with Drawing with MARY SHEA. August 12, 2017 2pm-5pm
#12: Drawing Real World Part 2 of 2 with JAMIE BOLLENBACH. August 13, 2017 2pm-5pm

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