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1-DAY WORKSHOP: The Joy of Drawing with MARY SHEA. May 21, 2017. 10am-4:30pm


Sunday, May 21, 2017
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

Saturday, May 6, 2017
11:30 am - 1:00 pm

If you have an appetite for drawing, here is one day with a full menu of drawing exercises. This workshop is designed to provide satisfying, nourishing drawing ideas and experiences to adults of all skill levels.

We will focus on drawing elements: line, shape, value, volume, texture, color. These are the basic ingredients from which you can build all your drawings, from an “amuse bouche” sketch to a “main course” composition.

In the first hours, Mary will demonstrate two essential basic drawing recipes, contour and gesture. Students will practice a number of ways to use these important skills. We will also do some studies in order to get a taste of how other artists have used contour and gesture in their drawings. We will break for lunch (please bring your lunch!), after which we will continue with exercises focused on value, composition and introducing color into your drawings. At the end there will be time for a more sustained, completed drawing.

* Please bring your lunch!
Drawing Paper
* One sheet of Canson Mi Teintes paper – size 19”x25”” – pearl gray or steel gray or flannel gray or a similar medium or light gray (not a dark grey!)
* One sheet Strathmore white drawing paper 400 Series 19” x 24” 220 060 001
* A pad of drawing paper that is at least 8”x10 or 11” x 14”– if you have one already, bring it! If not, a good one is Canson XL Mixed Media Pad 11” x 14” 159 125 009. We won’t fill a whole drawing pad in one day; the point is for you to have all that paper waiting for you to draw on it afterwards -
* If you have a drawing board, do bring that, but it is not necessary.
Color Pencils
* I recommend Prismacolor; they have a slight softness that allows for more density of color. 12 color set 028 080 117
* Faber Castell also makes good color pencils, but they are harder in general than Prismacolor, better for fine detail than broad color. 12 color set: 438 050 005
* Faber-Castell 8 Pitt Artist Pens soft brush (the set of 8 different greys; NOT color or black!)
Pencils and Charcoal
* Graphite pencils (4) HB 2B, 4B, 6B
* Eraser (1 or 2) – a solid one, like Staedtler or Pink Pearl
* A hand held pencil sharpener – there are endless choices.
* Soft charcoal – not a charcoal pencil, a stick of ‘vine charcoal’; sold in small packets.
Other Materials
* Scissors
* A glue stick
And Finally . . .
* Find one ‘material’ you have had around the place for a very long time but have never used…(that box of pastels? A too-pretty- to- use watercolor set? The cool water soluble graphite pencil?) Bring it!

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