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May 28, 6th of 6-WEEK CLASS: Edges: How To Manipulate Them with LIN LA MER. Mar 5,19, Apr 23,30, May 7,28, 2017. 12-3pm.


6-WEEK CLASS: $180
Sundays. March 5, 19, 2017.
April 2, 23, and 30, 2017-date changes!
contact Lin for April 30 details . . .

May 7, 28, 2017

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Register at 206-223-9599

One of the most difficult things for painters to learn is all edges are not the same. We as artists use edges to move the viewer through the painting and convey a sense of distance, of atmospheric perspective.

When studying Old Masters you will notice some edges are sharp, some seem to disappear, while others are indistinct. Sharp or hard edges come forward. Lost edges seem to disappear into the background or into objects next to them. Soft edges provide a sense of distance.

Knowing how to achieve different edges and where and when to use them to your advantage will bring your painting to the next level.

Materials List: Please buy the best quality paints you can. I recommend oil paints, professional grade.
* Cadmium Yellow Light
* Permanent Orange
* Napthol Red
* Yellow Ochre
* Burnt Sienna
* Alizarin Crimson
* Burnt Umber
* Sap Green
* Phthalo Green (Pigment G7)
* Phthalo Blue (Pigment PB15:3)
* Ultramarine or French Ultramarine
* Ivory Black
* Titanium White 150 ml tube
* Galkyd painting medium by Gamblin
* Gamsol by Gamblin in a small metal brush washer (air-tight, jar with a coil will do!)
* Palette, recommend disposable Grey Matters
* Sta-Wet palette box (Masterson) large size fits Grey Matters
* Sketch pad or sheets of paper (tip: have the same size as your canvas, or larger)
* Ruler
* Pencils, sharpener, eraser
* Notebook to take notes in
* Rags or blue shop towels and a plastic bag to take them home and wash or dispose of them
* Material Fee $3.00 per canvas

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