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4 of 6 WORKSHOP-SUMMER DRAWING SERIES: Perspective in Drawing with JOE BOSCH. July 2, 2016. 2-5pm

Summer Drawing Class
Week 4


$180 for all 6 or $35 per class
Saturdays 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Click on the image and see the reference lines and perspective tools.

Joe Bosch, author of several Daniel Smith 'Coffee Shop Studio' articles is a relentless and insatiable sketcher, drawer, art-maker. Even the work of business, with a pencil in his hand, becomes a moment for art. Not just comfortable, but masterful with all drawing media, Joe's demo is an opportunity to be launched into the universe of drawing. Joe has a neat trick of marking a blank page so that he's free to draw and work his mind out onto the page without all those inhibitions we fight. One of the things that keeps many of us from sketching out in "the world" is fear of messing up perspective. Come to Joe's demo and learn how to set fear in a jar in the fridge at home while you go out and have fun drawing, sketching, painting, making art.

Artist Bio:
Joe Bosch manages the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Seattle Store. He is an accomplished printmakier, painter and draghtsman. Joe teaches as he talks. He can't help it. The joy of art is so deep in him it oozes out all over everyone near him. Some of Joe's Coffee Shop Studio Blogs
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