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WORKSHOP: Italian Leather Journals with JANICE BERKEBILE, Mar 4, 2016, 10 am - 4 pm

with Janice Berkebile
$100 fee includes leather and waxed linen
Bring your own paper

Friday, March 4, 2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Register for the workshop at 206-223-9599

Fed up with sketchbooks and journals all having the same paper, or not the paper you really want? Unable to find sketchbooks and journals in the sizes you really prefer?

Art is NOT one-size-fits all. Make a gorgeous Italian Leather Journal out of the paper you choose, in the size you choose. Exciting! Start selecting paper now and tearing it to size. You should leave the workshop with at least one finished journal.

Hey everyone! Janice Berkebile here. * I was drawn to Daniel Smith initially for the copious amount of art supplies. Little did I know I would begin drawing and watercolor lessons as part of using art supplies. This huge adventure has taught me I need THE travel journal that works for me. * I have tried every journal and none of the really satisfies me. Lots of them look great. But none of them have the papers I want to use.

I began making my own journals and want to show you what I've learned. I think you will enjoy making your journals just the way you want them. Personally, I want to try all the varieties of paper and binding methods. I need drawing paper that shows graphite at its best and full range of subtlety. I need watercolor paper good enough for my Daniel Smith paints. Tengucho paper is necessary just because it's perfect sometimes. Japanese papers have strength, they are delicate, and many are somewhat transparent. I call these my "fairy wing" papers. A decorate paper or two creates the theme I like, or shows off my personality. Put these papers together in a journal and you're already on an artistic adventure.

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