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Week 6 of 6-March 8st: Sketching for Beginners Part 2 with SUE HESTON! Feb 2,9,16,23, Mar 1,8, 2016

Sketching for Beginners, Part 2
with Sue Heston!
6-Week Workshop
Next session, March 8, 2016
Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm
February 2, 9, 16, 23
and March 1, 8, 2016

$150 for 6 weeks!

Part 2 classes will continue the work of basic sketching skills introduced in Sketching for Beginners. If you'd like to join us, but you didn't take the first 6-week class series, you should be familiar with techniques like contour line drawing, blocking in a sketch, thumbnail sketches and measuring proportions and values.
But don't worry if you don't have much experience with these concepts in practice -

getting comfortable with these drawing and sketching methods is the purpose of Part 2! We will use all these techniques and introduce others such as some basic perspective.

In Part 2 the in-class and out of class exercises are designed to help each individual develop personal styles that are more expressive and gestural, to improve all of our abilities to see and draw with accuracy.

As in Sketching for Beginners, this class series is designed for students who want to draw from life. Basic drawing skills are invaluable whether you are a painter, designer or just want to keep a personal sketchbook.

Sketching is the most basic artistic activity - just a pen and a sketchbook. But getting started can still be daunting. Whether you want to take your sketchbook on a trip around the world, a local hike, or just spend an afternoon in a coffee shop, this class is aimed at helping you learn how to quickly put down the essential elements of a scene.

You will try out various techniques with pen, pencil and simple washes. You will get advice on putting together your own sketching kit, and practice exercises to help you see like a sketcher.
I am a dedicated sketcher and I participate with the Seattle Urban Sketchers group. Sketching and travel are inseparable activities for me. I don't even go to the grocery store anymore without my sketchbook! In recent years my sketchbooks have been to Australia, Turkey, Ireland and New York, as well as many local hikes and camping trips. I make occasional forays into block printing, screen printing, paper cutting and collage. I have a BFA from the State University of New York and a BA in Art History. View my sketches.

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