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WORKSHOP: Travel Drawing-People and Figure with DON COLLEY, Sept 27, 2015

developed sketch in drawing journal

Don Colley

Don Colley

Sunday, September 27, 2015
10:00 am - 4:30 pm
30 minute lunch break
phone 206-223-9599 to register

Daniel Smith is delighted that Don Colley will teach a worship this September 2015, the day after our fabulously popular Vendor Day.

Don is a favorite teacher and artist around the world. His unique style is born in his drawing journals; vintage journals from the 1900s. This drawing master combines bold and intricate lines that beckon viewers into the story for a closer look.

Don encourages workshop attendees to bring their sketchbooks and drawing materials. The best workshops are those where everyone is engrossed in hands-on learning. In other words a workshop with Don is a place to draw, draw, draw!

Come join us!
This workshop is NOT sponsored by Faber-Castell and is not part of Vendor Day.

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