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WORKSHOP. Creating Portraits in Collage with Patricia Ann Wilson Aug 8, 2015

Creating Portraits in Collage with Patricia Ann Wilson
Saturday, August 8, 2015
10:00 am -- 4:00 pm
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“Creating Portraits in Collage" is taught by internationally exhibiting  artist Patricia Ann Wilson. Patricia Ann  has two undergraduate degrees in art along with a minor in African Dance and Art Education. Patricia Ann had the great pleasure of working with Jacob Lawrence on his lithographs at Stone Press Editions. Patricia Ann exhibits her collages and watercolors, abstractions of nature and work about her home and life in Jamaica, West Indies.
“Collage,” is a French word meaning to glue. In “Creating Portraits in Collage,” the artists will be creating paintings by gluing pieces of paper which have been found, collected or purchased. The artist will have collected papers and written material related to their life  experiences.
The artists will be constructing the portrait's realism from an abstraction of materials emphasizes composition, value, and color mixing with papers. The artists will work from a life experience, drawings, photos or other portrait references.   The process of collage will be done in layers like the layers of a person’s life.
There will also be a discussion on the relationship of collage to drawing and painting. Collage artists; Motherwell, Picasso, Oppenheim, Cornell and Close will also be explored.  After discussing other artists approach to collage then some of the projects will be; still life, landscape, portraits, collage assemblages and more.
Patricia Ann Wilson will be exhibiting her Collages
at the DANIEL SMITH Gallery in the Seattle Store
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