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FREE Demo: Expressing the True Light of Any Subject with Michael Lane! Sunday July 5th, 2015

Expressing the True Light of Any Subject, Indoors or Out
with Michael Lane, Founder and Instructor at Seattle Atelier!
Sunday, July 5th or
Free Demonstration!

Learn to capture the “light” of any subject by learning the steps in a simple process of analysis first used by the 19th century Naturalists and their followers, the First Generation Impressionists.
 To capture the light of any scene, we create convincing tone schemes and learn to mix any color you see by asking only four simple questions.

Michael Lane was trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine arts and as the apprentice to Nelson Shanks in Philadelphia, PA. A popular instructor at Moore College of Art and Design, DigiPen Institute of Technology, The Juliette Aristides Classical Atelier and Gage Academy of Art, Michael also founded Seattle Atelier, a school for progressive training techniques for painters, in South Seattle in 2014.

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