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FREE DEMOS: Oil Painting with ETHAN JACK HARRINGTON, Mar 14, 2015

Oil Painting with Ethan Jack Harrington, FREE Demos, Saturday, March 14th, 2015
"Smith Tower and Bird"
 by Ethan Jack Harrington
Creating Dynamic Oil Paintings in 3 Steps
Saturday, March 14th, 2015
11 am & 1:00 pm - FREE Demonstrations!

Ethan also has an Oil Painting Workshop Sunday,  March 29th, 2015

11am to 4pm $100.00

Workshop requires pre registration, please call the Seattle Store at 206-223-9599 to register

Artist Statement:

Many people who have struggled with oil painting complain of "mud" or the effects of too much paint mixed together at the expense of clarity and crispness. I can help with that by breaking the oil painting process down into 3 steps representing three different days of work on a painting.

I begin with a very loose oil sketch of the subject (still life, landscape or figure).  In my demo I will discuss thoughts on creating dynamic compositions and the importance of picking a point of interest.  Next,  it’s dealing with shading and value as well as the importance of color temperature.  Lastly, paint thickness and building up of texture while keeping the flow of the paint.  Then we can talk about the signature!

Broken down into three simple steps, the mystery of oil painting is revealed and everyone can be successful!
Ethan Jack Harrington in Action
Ethan will also have a workshop on March 29th, 2015.  Please call Seattle Store 206-223-9599 for more information and to register.  

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