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Winsor & Newton Watercolors - Sponsored by W&N - FREE demo, September 22nd, 2012

Winsor & Newton Watercolours
Winsor & Newton Watercolors - Sponsored by W&N
Saturday, September 22nd, 2012
from 11 am to 1 pm

Space is limited, please call the store at: 206-223-9599
to register for this FREE demo!
Artists’ Water Colour Demo
Winsor & Newton is synonymous with exceptional watercolour. Whether working in the studio or packing up a small travel kit to hit the road, Artists’ Water Colour offers a range of 96 unique colours and a wide array of mediums to help artists alter and enhance the characteristics of their work. The Samantha daSilva will cover permanence, colour bias and colour mixing to help you get the most out this challenging and wonderful medium that is loved by amateurs and professionals alike. Each attendee will receive a sample pack of Artists’ Water Colour materials!

Samantha daSilva in the Studio
Samantha daSilva- Biography
Beneath her amiable personality burns a fervent fire to express life through art and dialogue. Samantha daSilva is a professional artist, educator, curator, and avid blogger living and working in Calgary, Canada.
Born in Brazil, Samantha was inspired at an early age by her copiously artistic family. Her grandmother, a portrait artist, her aunt, an accomplished jewelry designer, and her mother, a watercolourist, all influenced Samantha to experiment with a variety of mediums.
Upon graduating high school, Samantha opted out of attending art school for a career path that was ‘safer’ and ‘more secure’. But life has a magnetic force that pulls you back to where you need to be. Ten years and an array of tumultuously revelatory experiences led her back to her initial love: art.
Intent on making up for lost time, Samantha dedicated herself full-time to creating and teaching art. Her passion for abstract painting has manifested itself though prolific expressions of art on canvas and varying media. Since ’08, Samantha’s work has been exhibited in over 100 different group and solo shows across North America.
As an educator, Samantha has instructed at various institutions and art organizations. Samantha has recently partnered with Liquitex as a representative and educator for the Artist Outreach Program.

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