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Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors FREE, Hands On, Vendor Demo, August 8th, 2012

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolors, FREE "Hands On" Vendor Demo
with Christine Burdine!
Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
From 11 am to 12 pm - FREE !

Watercolor paints that even Acrylic Artists love!

FREE "Hands On" Vendor demo for NEW Chinese Watercolors and Inks imported by Yasutomo.
Experience the water resistance & wate​r solubility of traditional Chinese Watercolors and Inks. Rich colors, water resistance and deep black inks are ancient properties of traditional Chinese painting materials but relatively new to USA palettes.

We will be using both western watercolor and rice papers to experience the different effects. The new Haboku Stroke sumi brush will be in use also with amazing spring and control.

Try these new materials hands on and see how they work with your style of painting; Western or Asian. Feel free to bring your own brushes and papers to further test these materials.

About these Chinese Watercolors

#1: Traditional Chinese paints have a stronger binder than other watercolors. The paint, once applied, seems somewhat water resistant. The paint is fully water soluble however so it just takes longer and a little more agitation to completely re-wet the paint on paper or on the palette. The western watercolorist will find not only new and lightfast shades of color but a new formulation that offers an increased stability once dried. A back wash with wet detailing over itis possible. Over washing a painted scene will not easily move the portion of the painting that is completed. Mixing these Chinese colors with western colors will change the properties and colors plus create new textures and effects. Acrylic artists find this all very fascinating too because they are used to a fast drying color and the ability to work around it. They love the fact that the paint left on the palette is still usable after drying and that the paint is ultimately re workable if they want. 

#2: These colors use unique pigments that mix not only with other paints but also with inks without muddying. Wait until you see the colors you can make by adding carbon ink to these pigment colors. This is an excellent and exciting new realm for all watercolorists!

#3: The set has both transparent and opaque colors in it, which the traditional color selection. Mixing these two paint types together makes for even more interesting effects. The Inks have many of the same properties as the paints as they are water soluble yet water resistant. We are showing a black and an ultra black.

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