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Introduction to Encaustics with Hamid Zavareei, FREE Demo, April 7th, 2012

"Lily 1",  Encaustic by Hamid Zavareei

ENCAUSTICS: Introduction to Encaustics with Hamid Zavareei
Saturday, April 7th 2012
UPDATE - April 7th, 12:30 pm, the demos are at 11 am & 1:45 pm!
The times posted below are incorrect,
very sorry for the mistake
at 12 pm & 2 pm - FREE demo!

"Grapes",  Encaustic by Hamid Zavareei
Hamid Zavareei, an instructor at Gage Academy of Art, will be demonstrating the basics of Encaustics at this FREE demo.

Encaustic is an ancient medium, using bees wax, that was employed by ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Greece. From application to ships and monuments to portraits on sarcophagi the artisans and artists learned to manipulate hot beeswax in different ways to accomplish impressive works of art.

Create luminous layers of color and intriguing depth in painting by using wax as your binder. Hamid shows simple applications of wax suitable for everyone and discusses how to work with wax, pigment and oil paint. He will demonstrate how to create a piece by layering wax, imbedding images, creating texture, drawing into wax and incising.

If you have wondered “What is Encaustics” or have been curious about the medium and the process, then this Introduction to Encaustics with Hamid Zavareei is a good demo to come to and find out!

"Untitled", Encaustic by Hamid Zavareei

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