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ACRYLICS: Texturizing Basics and Beyond with Alicia Harvey, January 22, 2012

"A Mother" by Alicia Harvey

ACRYLICS: Texturizing Basics and Beyond
with Alicia Harvey
Sunday, January 22nd
 at 12 pm & 2 pm

Alicia Harvey introduces you to the different types of texturizing methods available to the acrylic artist today. Topics include paper texturizing in underpainting - as shown in much of Jacqui Beck's work - or as collage, and texturizing with selected GOLDEN Acrylic gels and grounds. After this demo, you will understand the basics of these products, the appropriate surfaces on which to use them, and their appearance in relation to acrylic paint. 

If you have ever stood in front of our GOLDEN Gels and Mediums display at our Seattle and Bellevue DANIEL SMITH Stores and wondered (or been confused) as to what to try, this is a great way to find out more about them from Alicia!

Here are the GOLDEN products Alicia will be demonstrating:
- Soft gel, regular gel, heavy gel, and extra heavy gel
- Coarse and extra coarse pumice gel
- Molding paste, light molding paste and hard molding paste
- Glass bead gel
- Granular gel
- Tar gel
- Clear self-leveling gel
Also in Alicia’ demo:
DANIEL SMITH Matte and Gloss Acrylic Mediums
Decorative and Handmade papers available at DANIEL SMITH

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