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Fun with Encaustics with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch: FREE Demo December 17, 2011

Tribute to a Dear Friend Series - 34
by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Fun with Encaustics with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Saturday, December 17th, 2011
at 11 am & 1:45 pm

Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
at EncasutiCamp
Encaustic extravaganza!
Join us in this extravaganza in beeswax with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch!
Experience the joy and versatility of this rich, organic medium as artist, author and instructor Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch demonstrates the basics then builds on these to excite you with numerous techniques that will get you wanting to do everything encaustic. The diversity of this medium offers the artist opportunity to include all mediums and build on skills related to other creative outlets like no other medium can. Come see why this ancient art is catching the hearts of artists and collectors everywhere!

Some of the supplies that Patricia will be using at this FREE demo are:
TAP -Transfer Artist Paper
R&F products
R&F pigment sticks
By Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
R&F encaustic paints
R&F medium
Linseed oil
Encausticbord (8x8 flat panels)
Shellac (hardware store)
Saral graphite paper
GOLDEN acrylics
Printmakers ink tins
Papers for collage - Decorative papers
Japanese silk tissue for image embedding - Japanese papers
Graphite pencils/compressed charcoal
AND....Patricia's Books!

By Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch

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