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FRAMING: Professional Framing Tips with Anita East. FREE Demo November 11th, 2011

FRAMING: Tips from an Expert Framer - Anita East
Friday, November 11th 2011
11 am & 1:45 pm  - FREE Demo!

Art Framing 101 with Expert Framer Anita East at this FREE demo, learn (or review) basics of assembling a frame kit, forming an art package, and securing package to a frame using a framer's point gun. Learn to install dust jacket and quality hanging hardware, and how to select quality framing materials from a conservation standpoint.

At the demo, Anita will frame 1 standard art package into Artcare Frame Package, 1 prestretched canvas into a frame.

Materials Anita will be demonstrating:
Framer's point gun and points, wood and metal frame kits, pre-cut mats and backing, Lineco tapes and glue to include frame sealing tape, rabbet foam tape, linen and paper hinging tapes, PVC glue, 3M ATG tape, acrylic sealing medium such as GAC 100, hanging hardware, Kraft Paper or acid-free backing paper, Bump-Ons, sanding block, archival quality ArtCare systems, cotton gloves, boning tool.

Additional tools and supplies Anita will be using:
Flat-tip, cross-point, needle-nose, 19.2-V, soft hammer, extra u-spring, centering tape measure, centering ruler, scissors, glass, glass cleaner, blue shop towels, spacers, wire, hardware.

This is a great introduction demo for finding out to professionally frame your art, and use the tools and supplies professional framers use and why they are used.

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