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FREE Pastel Demo - Drawing with Pure Color with Mary Shea, October 8th, 2011

"Waiting Room" by Mary Shea
PASTEL: Drawing with Pure Color
with Mary Shea
Saturday, October 8th 2011 - FREE demo!
at 11 am & 1:45 pm

“At this Demonstration, I will be talking about my love for pastels, especially the Sennelier soft pastels, and I hope to show why pastels are worth being passionate about. I’ll also show and discuss other artists’ pastel works, and some of some of the history of the medium."

"There will be examples of my work done over many years’ time to show the pastel processes and techniques that I explore in my drawings and use to enhance my monotypes."

"I’ll talk about ways to frame and present pastels, the ‘mess’ factor, and the issue of fixative/no fixative, among other topics. And I’ll demonstrate some of the different methods of using dry pastel that I use, talk about the color choices I make, and show the papers I work on."

"There will be time for questions!” -Mary Shea

Materials I will show and discuss:
Rives BFK White Sheet, 250gsm, 22 in x 30 in
Canson Mi-Teintes Paper
Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal Paper Sheets
Ampersand Pastelbord
Sennelier Soft Pastel Sets
Sennelier Iridescent Soft Pastels
Fixative (Sennelier)

If you are curious about how to work with Pastels, then you are invited to come!

This FREE demo is a great way to pre-view Mary Shea's Workshop:
Saturday, October 23rd, 2011
$75 per day
11 am to 4 pm
Please call the Seattle Store to register at: 206-223-9599

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